Zoning & Land Use Ordinances

Commercial Design Guidelines  ~  Ordinance 97-01 Driveway & Highway Access Ordinance

Official Map for the Official Map Ordinance  ~  Ordinance 08-07 Official Map Ordinance

Road Standards Ordinance  ~  Ordinance 10-05 Solid Waste Facility Ordinance

Subdivision Ordinance  ~  Temporary Vendor Ordinance 2017

Town SCF Zoning Map 2017Building Code Ordinance 2017 ~ Zoning Ordinance #1

Zoning Ord. No. 1 Table of Contents  ~ Fee Schedule  established for permits, licensing, etc

Schedule of Penalties and Cash Deposits   ~       

General Ordinances

Ordinance 00-03 – Animal Behavior Ordinance   ~   Ordinance12-04, ATV and UTV Ordinance

Ordinance 07-01; Burning Ordinance   ~ Issuance of Citations Ordinance 07-02  

Treasurer’s Tax Bond Exemption  ~  Broadband Network Project Ordinance

Ordinance regulating alcohol licensing   ~   Ordinance 17-01 Fire Inspection Cooperation

Junked Vehicle & Appliances on Private Property Ordinance No. 12-03   ~   

Neighborhood Electric Vehicles   ~   Ord 18-03 Appointment of Town Treasurer

Public Nuisance Ordinance #14-01   ~   

Ordinance 17-02 Regulation of Motor Vehicle Races and Other Motor Vehicle Performance Events for Entertainment Purposes

Fee Schedule established for permits, licensing, etc   ~   Ordinance creating a schedule of Fees

Schedule of Penalties and Cash Deposits   ~   Snow & Debris Removal of Road Right-of-Ways Ordinance 

Stop Sign Placement Ordinance   ~   Ordinance 08-06, Swing-Away Mailbox

Temporary Vendor Ordinance   ~   Ordinance 06-02 – Designating Certain Town Roads as ‘Class B’ Highways

Current Draft Ordinances